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Interprofessional Partnerships Offers

Morocco-ecotravel is open to all Interprofessional partnerships.
We propose you different collaborations of thematic trips in the South-east of Morocco (Region of Ouarzazate).
We configure the development of courses in different areas.

Artistic paintings in Watercolor, Pastel and Acrylic.
Scientists in Fauna and Flora, Botany, Ethnobotany and Permaculture.
Anthropological between local and foreign civilizations.
Gastronomic, for cooking courses in all its senses.
Patrimonial, concerning the thousand and one marvels notably classified by UNESCO.
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Our goal, to increase our family coming from elsewhere ...

Whatsapp 00212 6 15 85 20 75 (messagerie ou appel gratuit) Yacin

collaborator : +212 623 34 99 51 Bassatine Skoura(Abdo)

 The adventure news: Travel Morocco

Isabelle Cransac From 17 to 24 March 2019 -Stage Watercolor, Your notebook will gather sketches, sketches, collages, writings ... which will undoubtedly one day feed your future paintings.

Over the days, we will explore an "elsewhere" through your travel diary to which you will bring a little of you to make it unique and personal Isabelle Cransac

Donna Acheson juilletFrom 03 to 10 March 2019  -Stage watercolor, make light, shadow, volume
Study the elements of the local environment to integrate into our watercolors Donna acheson juillet

From 07 to 14 April 2019 Watercolor internship, From observation to representation ...
I invite you to share privileged moments, to discover a country, its culture, and its inhabitants, punctuated by the watercolor Emmanuelle Brunet

Du 10 Au 17 Mars 2019 -Stage Aquarelle "RÉALISER UN CARNET DE VOYAGE

We will enjoy the pleasure of being together, taking the time to discover a country, a culture and its people.
Marie Bobin

 Du 28 Avril au 05 Mai 2019 -Stage Peinture Aquarelle, Acrylique, et peinture à l'Huile au Maroc

I teach oil painting and acrylic painting, as well as the technique of watercolor after Rudof Steiner, especially for my courses on the study of colors, which will be given before painting on the ground nataly jolibois

Du 28 Au 05 Mai 2019-  Watercolor workshop: Pleasure, discover, sensations and emotions

A week to have fun, discovering new horizons in the region of South-East Morocco while creating, from his own sketches. A unique travel diary, filled with sensations and emotions. Violaine Abbatucci

08/04/2018 -Stage Photography, Sharpen your look to bring back photos that testify to your vision of a country of exceptional beauty.

Open to everyone, especially for novice photographers and people with less knowledge Hervé Drouet

Godon Pirof Laurence Maroc sudDu 24 au 03 Février 2019  Stage Aquarelle- Techniques mixte et création d’un carnet de Voyage .

Everything that catches my eye is transformed into acrylic on canvas, or dry point on copper ... or simply in watercolor sketch Godon Pirof Laurence

Du 24 au 31 Mai 2020 -Internship Watercolor, From the Water of the Oasis to the Water of the Tempered Leaf

        The letting go and knowledge of the different phases of "wet on wet according to the cycle of water" Corinne Izquierdo

Du 14 au 21 Avril 2019 -Stage Aquarelle, Ce que l’œil voit la main le retranscrit

Marielle Filaudeau, is playful and off the beaten track, to the delight of the participants! «A week in immersion to awaken your creativity Marielle Filaudeau

Du 17 au 24 février 2019, Carnet de Voyage, Carnet d'Artiste, L art du carnet de voyage en techniques mixtes...

Venez découvrir cette superbe région du Maroc, avec toute son authenticité, ses couleurs et ses parfums, en réalisant au fil des jours un carnet de voyage unique, original, qui sera votre compagnon de route, votre objet précieux, votre recueil de souvenirs, celui de vos rencontres et de vos émotions. Sylvie Ballester


The site specialized in the artistic field, scientific research and well-being within the landscapes of southern Morocco Supervised by French or Moroccan professionals

Thematic Travel offers one-week tours tailored to your aspirations, various themes such as painting, watercolor, travel diary, photography, local flora and fauna, yoga and sophrology, spiritual and traditional Moroccan cuisine.

These different courses are open to amateurs and professionals wishing to confirm their knowledge combining tourism and artistic or scientific activity

Thematic travel adapts by enriching circuits, which target the discovery of majestic Moroccan sites and training courses supervised by passionate professionals

 Morocco Trip

The art of traveling when you are at the Retreat think about traveling Morocco
Group travel sports clubs physical preparation

Travel Morocco, works council association and local authorities

Morocco ecotravel participate in the human, rural and solidarity activities of the regions of the Great South of Morocco
And you discover the various riches in baths of stories, cultures and heritage between the deserts of the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains travel morocco

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