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Professional Occupation: Naturopathy and Sophrology

Véronique Reveillere, Naturopathie

From September 23 to 30, 2018

Dare to reconnect to the Essential! If your daily life seems bland and boring, or if you want to arouse your curiosity or if you want to reclaim your Health (or maybe all three at once!), I suggest you meet at the time a stay where you will take the time to marvel and appreciate the Present. Santé Naturopathie Sophrologie, Santé Naturopathie Sophrologie, Santé Naturopathie Sophrologie

Tel : +33 6 72 33 07 79
website Official : Véronique Réveillère

Béatrice Boutemine, Sophrologie

DU 24 mars au 31 mars 2019

And if you took the time to live the ecology of oneself?
You will take the time to reconnect to your deep self, to listen to your needs, to connect to your inner rhythms but also to rhythms of nature, listen to your values and vibrate to your aspirations. You strengthen and simply communicate this positive in joy naturally the time of a a refreshing break rich of inner listening and a harmony drawn from the heart of the energy of nature A path towards oneself in consciousness and in the pleasure of the present moment of a positive personal ecology of life.

Tel : +33 6 74 80 63 24
Official website: Beatrice Boutemine

Sélène Lacorde - Naturopathie et Sophrologie

From September 22 to 29, 2019

From 09 to 16 June 2019

You will have the opportunity to own tools to better take control your well-being, your vitality and your health on a daily basis, while naturally developing a better awareness of your body and your physical and psychic needs. Each day will be marked by new discoveries for the pleasure of the senses, allowing you to live the moment with enchantment.

Tel : +33  6 28 33 39 83
website Official : Sélène Lacorde

Olivier Combes, Sophrologie

DU 15 au 22 Septembre 2019

Venez découvrir deux mondes merveilleux !
Tout d’abord, les paysages typiques et somptueux du sud marocain, avec leurs couleurs et les senteurs de ce pays qui signifie « Le couchant ». Et ensuite, je vous accompagnerai à la découverte de votre monde intérieur, pour un apprentissage vers l’harmonisation de votre corps et de votre esprit. Dans un cadre chaleureux, mêlant tradition et modernité du gîte de Bassatine, en plein milieu de l’oasis de Skoura, nous cheminerons sur les sentiers de votre bien-être grâce aux outils et à la connaissance de la sophrologie. Je vous propose des séances quotidiennes dans un cadre superbe et un environnement préservé, avec des encadrants sympathiques et passionnants.
Retrouvez-moi sur mon site : https://sophronerti.com/

Morocco Eco-Naturopathy Sophrology

These events in the context of thematic trips are dedicated to professionals and amateurs Naturopathy and discoveries (their companions are welcome). It is in the Southeast region of Morocco between High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara where everything is happening. You will be charmed by the intensity of the Atlasso-Saharan environment.
  • Mobile: (+212) 615-852-075
  • Email: contact@morocco-ecotravel.com
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